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Trivia Crack is one of those rare games that is interesting and fun to play while simultaneously quizzing players on local trivia.

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When I picked up the game from the app store on my iPhone 6, I was honestly surprised that I hadn’t seen it before. Trivia Crack is a polished multiplayer trivia game that is easy to pick up and play.

Trivia Crack, like many other games of its type, is an online multiplayer game. Think Quiz Up to get an idea on how the online works. You can sign in with your Facebook and play with friends, or play with randoms and have just as much fun. When you boot up the game you’re asked what country you are from,  which is a nifty way to make sure questions are safe to ask and relevant to you.

Trivia Crack has two game modes, challenge and classic. Challenge mode is a rapid fire round of 12 trivia questions shot at 12 players; the player who answers the most questions correctly is the winner. While challenge mode is fun, classic is where it’s at. Like a 2 player cartoon trivia pursuit, classic mode is all about collecting 6 character pieces, one for each character category, before the other player.

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At the beginning of each turn each player spins a 7-tiled wheel to see what kind of question they’ll have to answer, answer correctly and you get to go again, indefinitely. That’s one of my favorite aspects of the game, you go until you miss an answer. In one of my 25 available turns I had collected half of the pieces. To collect a piece a player has to answer a couple question correctly, filling up his/her crown meter, allowing them to answer a special question of their choice to pick up the piece belonging to that category or challenge their opponent. You also get this opportunity if you land on the 7th crown tile. It’s a fun way to make sure that each player has to be well rounded enough to know a bit about everything. From geography to science to sports. It’s trivia!

I’m honestly very glad I picked up this game. It’s free, it flexes my brain without making me feel like a degenerate, and it’s pretty dang fun. I’m going to be keeping this game for quite some time, probably brag a little to my friends. You should give it a whirl.

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